Period Emergency Kit

Panty + Pad + Tampon + Liner + Wipe + Ibuprofen + Chocolate

AL4ME Fundraiser

Provide accessible period care to Alabama middle school & high school students by donating!


At femPAQ, we take the oops out of expected periods. You know, it's for, “when it happens”. That “oh shh... I think I just started my period” feeling. That’s right! We all have a name for, Period Patty, Aunt Flo, Shark Week, I could go on and on. It sometimes shows up at the most inconvenient times, early or late. It’s a love hate relationship! Well not today, femPAQ is here to refresh your day!

Put those menstrual McGuyver skills away!
No more walking in the secret of messy period shame.

femPAQ has everything you need and more!

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Fempaq is here to refresh your day!