Fempaq is a feminine emergency kit for menstruating people. It’s for, you know, “when it happens”. The feeling of dampness and “oh shit I think I just started my period”. That’s right! It’s that damn Period Patty. She sometimes shows up at the most inconvenient times, early or late. It’s a love hate relationship! Well no more Period Patty!

Fempaq is here to freshen the circumstances. No more walking in the secret of messy period shame. Put those menstrual MacGyver skills away, say NO to makeshift toilet-paper pads!

femPAQ has everything you need and more.

femPAQ includes:

  • 1 Tampon
  • 1 Pad
  • 1 Panty Liner
  • 1 Black Panty
  • 1 Feminine Wipe
  • 1 2-tablet Packet of Ibuprofen
  • 1 Mini Organic Dark Chocolate Bar


  • 1 Tampon
  • 1 Pad
  • 1 Panty Liner
  • 1 Black Panty
  • 1 Feminine Wipe
  • 1 2-tablet Packet of Ibuprofen
  • 1 Mini Organic Dark Chocolate Bar

Fempaq is here to refresh your day!

Tampon / Pad / Liner

Our tampons, pads and liners are made from 100% hypoallergenic cotton non-gmo and fragrance free. The tampon plastic applicator is BPA free and the liners and pads are super slim, ultra-thin with wick away moisture and lock-in-liquid absorbent protection.

Feminine Wipe

We use Feminine Wipe Naturals by Pure Touch which are designed to gently and effectively cleanse sensitive skin. They contain natural moisturizers and vitamins to nourish and cleanse your skin. Feminine Wipe Naturals are hypoallergenic, paraben free and alcohol free.

Black Panty

The black panty, made for discretions, is 95% cotton and 5% spandex.


The Med-First Ibuprofen temporarily relieves minor aches and pains associated with menstrual cramps.

Dark Chocolate

Lastly, the Equal Exchange organic dark chocolate mini bars are vegan, soy free and are made with cocoa beans from a farm co-op in the Dominican Republic and Peru with the sugar coming from a co-op in Madagascar. femPaq is the solution to every menstruating woman's problem.

"My period has caught me off guard on multiple trips so Fempaq has become a travel essential. The pain meds came in handy to relieve cramps when I was on a remote island without a nearby pharmacy. On another trip the pad and underwear held me over until I was able to go to the store to pick up a box of pads. And lastly, the chocolate satiated an intense PMS craving when I was too lazy to leave the house. This kit truly covers all bases!"

Stephanie Garcia

Program Manager

How It All Started

Every year my girlfriends and I take a trip. As a mom of two, it’s something I look forward to. This trip we were in Los Angeles. It was the last day, and my bestie got an early visit from her monthly friend. She usually wears all black but decided to make a bold statement by wearing white pants. However, her statement ended with a period. She nor I had any tampons or pads. On top of that, she didn’t have the proper underwear to combat Period Patty. We visited every store next to our AirBnB, and unfortunately, for these kind of emergency situations, you have to purchase boxes and packages just to feel clean and comfortable. Who has the suitcase space for that?

Fempaq was born!


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