About femPAQ

Empowering Every Step of the Journey

At femPAQ, we believe that empowerment begins with being prepared. Our mission extends beyond products; we are dedicated to transforming women’s health through innovative solutions, proactive education, and community-centered initiatives. 

Every product we design is not just for convenience—it's a step toward greater autonomy and confidence for women and girls everywhere.

Our Mission

Innovation, Education, Community

femPAQ is committed to advancing women’s health across multiple dimensions:

  • Products That Empower: Our flagship product, The Period Emergency Kit was designed with the needs of modern women and girls in mind. Our kits are more than just necessities; they are tools for empowerment, designed to provide confidence anywhere, at any time.

  • Policy and Advocacy: We believe in making a tangible impact. femPAQ actively engages in policy discussions and advocacy to promote menstrual equity. Our work aims to ensure that menstrual products are accessible and affordable to those who need them most.
  • Educational Outreach: Knowledge is power. Through workshops, online resources, and partnerships with schools, femPAQ provides vital education on menstrual health and hygiene. Our goal is to demystify menstrual health and foster a supportive community where everyone is informed and confident.
  • Community Engagement: At the heart of femPAQ is our commitment to the community. We collaborate with nonprofits, healthcare providers, and educational institutions to expand our reach and deepen our impact. Our initiatives include donation drives, community health events, and more.

Our Vision

Looking ahead, femPAQ aims to continue breaking barriers and fostering an environment where menstrual health is not just a necessity but a fundamental right. We are dedicated to continuous innovation, advocacy, and education, ensuring that every woman and girl can embrace her health with confidence and support.

Join us as we advance this crucial mission—because at femPAQ, we’re not just about facing today, we’re about empowering every day.

“femPAQ was created after a girls trip to Los Angeles with my best friend, where she unfortunately got her period unexpectedly. We looked for a quick solution so that she could feel comfortable on her flight back to New York and there was nothing. She eventually settled on the pads and griped about not having enough room in her travel bag for them. When I got home, I started to do some research to see if there really wasn’t a solution for unexpected periods and there wasn’t. Then I started to research why there wasn’t anything. Afterwards, we became more than a product. We became a movement!  A movement to end period stigma and create period equity for all menstrators in every space we exist.”
– Founder & CEO