How we give back

At femPAQ, not only is our mission to provide convenience to women's menstrual health but also using that power to do our part in ending period poverty as well as changing the stigma surrounding periods through storytelling.

Let's change the narrative.


1 IN 5

1 in 5 girls in America has either left early or missed school during their monthly cycle due to the lack of menstrual products. Period Poverty equates to missed opportunity.

200K +

Over 200k menstruators suffer from homelessness in the US with only a little over 10k community housing and shelters. The common use of plastic bags and cardboard are used as substitutes for period products.

femPAQ is about sustainability and providing healthy menstrual hygiene care so that menstruating people can continue their day without hesitation.

While attending a Period Rally in Fall 2019 we learned what homeless menstruators go through when they don’t have access to feminine hygiene products.

Team-up with femPAQ!

femPAQ has teamed up with an awesome period equity organization here in Arkansas. Their mission is to end period poverty and period stigma. This organization provides donated feminine hygiene products to schools, shelters and the homeless.
If interested in donating or becoming a sponsor please see the Donate button below.
You too can do your part in ending period poverty.

You can sponsor a 4-PAQ for your office, a school or shelter.